We are super proud to have been involved with the design of this great customer experience business book which is on sale now.

The first book of this series that we helped create, Punk CX, was published in 2019 and explored what a punk rock version of customer experience (CX) could look and feel like.

However, a lot has happened since then and the world is a slightly different place.

We were totally chuffed to be invited back to work on this, the next project in the series, and even happier to say that the book is now available to buy in all good bookshops.

Punk XL, where XL stands for eXperience Leadership, seeks to explore what it means and takes to deliver a great experience at different levels (individual, team, organisation, customer and beyond).

Like its predecessor Punk CX, it will be composed of a series of short and punchy “tracks” organised loosely around a series of concentric rings or dimensions that will explore what eXperience Leadership means at that particular level.

To add richness, perspective and depth, it features contributions from a number of different experience “artists” from around the world.

PUNK XL features contributions from: Ari Weinzweig, Serena Riley, Lara Khouri, Richard Hammond, Amy Scott, Sandra Thompson, Paul Greenberg, Joyce Kim, Karen Jaw-Madson, Martin Lucas, Sandra De Zoysa and Clare Muscutt.

Finally, given its collaborative nature and acknowledging what we have gone through in the last couple of years and what many are still going through, all of the book’s proceeds will be donated to charity

Some of the endorsements that Punk XL has received:

“Exactly the kind of trippy and healthily anarchic treatment this subject has been missing. I loved it.”
Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy

“Love both the look of the book and it’s content. Punk XL is a fascinating, entertaining, and educational ride. Dive into this book if you want to discover what eXperience Leadership means to you and your organization.”
Shep Hyken, customer service/experience expert and NYT bestselling author

“I love this book. It is wise, entertaining, challenging and bursting with useful insights. In short: it is the opposite of most books on management.”
Dennis Tourish, Professor of Leadership and Organisation Studies, University of Sussex

“Punk was always as much about attitude as it was the music. And in Punk XL, Adrian Swinscoe dials the attitude up to 10. Full of punchy anecdotes and asides from a supergroup of CX stars, Punk XL serves as a manifesto for customer experience leaders looking to challenge the conventional – and antiquated – wisdom around customer strategies.”
Neil Davey, Managing Editor, MyCustomer.com

“I loved the book! Just as refreshing and stimulating as PUNK CX. The personal storytelling of customer experience by Swinscoe et al made it feel even more relatable and the flow of it really kept me reading. It’s a great size to give you just enough of the boost you need to get your head out of the mush and concentrate on what’s important when it comes to experience leadership. The book tells it like it is and reading it reminds us all as leaders where we should be focusing our efforts and start walking the walk and enough of the talk.”
Amy Kelly, Director, EMEA Marketing, UserTesting

“Woah mind blown! Punk XL is non-conformingly brilliant. Strap in for a wild & transformative ride and say goodbye to your conventional customer experience mindset.”
Joseph Michelli, Ph.D. – New York Times #1 Bestselling author of book like Stronger Through Adversity, The Airbnb Way, and The Starbucks Experience

“As someone who grew up with punk, Adrian’s call to arms resonates with me. We don’t see enough attitude in leadership. He makes the case for more.”
Mark Curtis, Head of Innovation and Thought Leadership Accenture Interactive, Co-Founder of Fjord

Below is a conversation some of the contributors have recently had – including Serena, Lara, Amy, Joyce, Oisin and Tom about Punk XL, what XL means to them, why it’s important, why they got involved with the project, what their favourite bits of the new book are and why all of the book’s proceeds will be donated to charity.

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