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While the ‘three-martini lunch’ golden age of advertising is some way behind us, and with print revenues going in the same direction as those afternoons lost to drink, it might come as a surprise to some that you might be exposed to a whopping 4,000 and 10,000 adverts in a single day.

With billboard, online and television advertising relentlessly marching forward and with other print forms still having a finger in the pie, marketers have to turn to ever-clever ways to ensure their product and brand has the right cut-through to reach us, the witless consumer.

Dont worry darling you didnt burn the beer
The Golden Age of Advertising was a bit more like the Wild West if this ‘classic’ is anything to go by

At Digital Heroes Studio we love it when something makes us stand up and take notice, so to that effect we have whipped round the office and whittled down our favourite ads ever, to produce a top five that we think have absolutely nailed the brief – if there ever was one!

Some simple, some complex, but all of them stand out from the page where thousands that day will have failed!

So in no particular order here are our top five print ads…

Number 5: Burger King: Flame-grilled Since 1954

It is not too often that a company would want to shine a light when things have literally gone catastrophically wrong but that is exactly what David Miami, the agency behind the campaign did and to roaring success for Burger King and their now infamous ‘Flame Grilled’ slogan.

Fortunately no innocent members of the public were hurt in the fires which became a series of adverts featuring flame-ups in Pennsylvania, Oregon and Italy.

The ad agency even added fuel to the fire by publicly stating that “more Burger King restaurants have burned down than any other fast food chain”. It feels like they were burning their own fingers, but the campaign was hotly received – firing its way to pick up multiple awards.


Number 4: Chupa Chups: Sugar-Free Lollipops

Normally when a brand looks to promote a healthy option the marketers will look to spin-the-salad and guilt-trip you with their ‘good for you’ gambit.

But ad agency DDB Madrid had different ideas illustrating a hugely striking image with a hugely creative way of saying these are sugar free.

If the ants don’t want it we know it there can’t be sugar! Sweet work.

A brilliant concept coupled together with the perfect execution make this a proper tasty number for Chupa Chups.

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Number 3: Ecovia: Stop the Violence

A super effective drive safe campaign from ad agency Terremoto Propaganda Brazil.

Fantastic artwork, great lighting and top-notch retouching make this campaign punch well above its weight.

The series covered off drink driving, texting & driving, speeding and overtaking. It certainly packed the punch to make people take their advice seriously.

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Number 2: Timotei – Lion’s hair

Timotei proved they could tame the wildest of beasts with their Lion advert that literally makes you stop dead in disbelief.

Back in 2006 JWT, Paris came up with this absolute corker. With genuine laugh out loud genius the agency placed a marvellous head of hair on what is the most majestic of beasts. Needless to say multiple awards ensued!


Number 1: Eurostar – It’s summertime in London.

A hair-raising ad if there ever was one from ad agency Leg in Paris. Featuring a normally po-faced Queens Guard getting a short back and sides for his bearskin.

The visually striking ad, is a 100% show-stopper, guaranteed to make you take notice and after all that is the name of the game!


Advertising the shuttle service between Belgium, France and London the Eurostar had a whole series of ads well nailed, perhaps also worth a worthy mention is their ‘London for Lovers’ campaign. Take a close look at the beans and egg here!


And what about the future?

Well almost Back to the Future style, but 3D billboards are now the big thing and we expect them to be huge. Check out some of the best on the video below!

The classic shark billboard from Back to the Future Part 2 where Marty visits the future in 2015. Oh how time flies, especially in a Delorean I suppose

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